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Here at X Men NDT, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services. Using technology that makes delivering and receiving information easier and faster than ever. We invest ourselves in growing and evolving with the industry and its needs. Adapting ourselves to its many technological advances. We care about our clients and helping them keep their operations running smoothly. Night or day, your NDT heroes are just a phone call away.

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3 Principles


At X Men NDT, quality is completing tasks accurately the first time. Every time we take a shot or create an image, we take care to make sure the final output meets or exceeds the necessary requirements.


X Men NDT is a top solution provider, and we regularly examine the market to make sure the greatest technology tools and instruments are included in what we give to clients in order to increase productivity and decision-making predictability.


Safety is essential, and at X Men NDT, our goal is to set an example through both our words and deeds in favour of a secure working environment for all.


Digitized Radiography:

We use advanced computed radiography methods to generate digital images. Digital X-rays provide a more consistent image quality than that of traditional film. Being as this is all digital, it is a lot easier to store, organize and access your data when you need it. Images can simply be sent via email for instant viewing.


Non-Destrictive Testing :

Fabrication, installation or repairs. Make sure your project’s integrity meets industry standards from the beginning, middle to the end.



Dustin Lukie

Owner & Head Technician

Micheal Lee

Owner & Head Technician

Amanpreet Rooprai

Office Manager